Saturday, November 15, 2008


"We need a focus. A main thing. Something bigger than skin cream or tennis shoes that reminds us of the purpose of it all. If we expect to regain a more simple heart, a more centered pace for our day, we need to order our lives in specific ways."

David and Barbara Sorensen

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Justin said...

Great quote.

We are talking about Simple Church in class at my church. At the beginning stages of discussion in the class, so many are unsure of what's really being discussed, but I pointed out that in order to be simple, there must be discipline. Spiritual disciplines create the narrative by which we live, and it should be a counter narrative to our culture. Over the years we have looked at verses like "in the world, but not of the world" and decided that our being "not of the world" is not cursing, having abortions, drinking, smoking, etc. But our purpose is bigger than that. Its a rejection of the notion of consumerism, violence, oppression, etc... and if we are to reject that, the best way to do it is by intentionally simplifying our lives, and filling it with spiritual disciplines, intentionally living lives as part of God's Kingdom by giving to whomever asks, leaving at peace with everyone. Only when our narrative is reshaped can our lives truly be in, but not of the world.