Saturday, November 01, 2008


There's nothing quite like Halloween in the inner city.

Last night we shared candy with way over 300 children of all ages--likely closer to 400. It was an amazing run on our front porch! At one time we counted 30 kids in our front yard. It was unbelievable. We've never had more children come by for trick or treat.

Our block felt like a carnival. Neighbors out on their front porches ready for the children, enjoying the mild Texas night. Families coming and going to escort their little ones to the candy.

So many cute children. So many who obviously had very little.

The moment of the night for me took place between "bowl fillings." You know, the time between when the candy bowl runs out and you manage to fill it up again.

Four little girls, all in late elementary school noted the condition of my supply of candy. They reached in their bags and each pulled out a contribution to my diminished supply.

"Here, mister," the spokesman for the group explained. "We'll make a contribution to your bowl."

They laughed and ran off my porch to the next house.

There is a lesson in there somewhere, don't you think?

What a grand night.

I love the city.



1literatimommy said...

What a great story. I am afraid that in our suburban neighborhood, if we had run out of candy, our house might have gotten egged! :)

Justin said...

I was excited about tonight, this being our first halloween in cleveland park, one of the poorest neighborhoods here in Nashville. I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to expand the people we know from the neighborhood.

But we had very few trick or treaters. 4 groups of kids, 4 kids each group. I asked someone down the street and they said most people don't trick or treat on our block cause its the "bad block". Was really disappointed, and I wish I could figure out a way to change that. PLenty of kids on our street, they should be able to trick or treat at their neighbors homes.

JG said...


We live on one of those "bad neighborhoods," so every year our neighbors get together to pool resources to have a front yard festival: little bonfire, a few coolers for the parents and a baby pool full of sweets for the kids. When people drive by on their way to another neighborhood, they stop by our party first.

Over the years, it's helped get many more people coming to our 'hood for trick-or-treating. I'd like to think that getting out of our houses to show that we're welcoming people was an important step on that path!


Justin said...

Thanks JG, that will be something to consider for next year. We've met a good number of people on our block, so I imagine something to that effect would get good participation. We've (my wife and I) have been wanting to have some sort of block party, but we feel like it might be a little presumptuous of us, being one of the few white, formerly middle class folks on the street... but that may be misplaced apprehension.