Sunday, November 16, 2008

"It's A New Day"

Regardless what your political worldview might be, you have to admit that the selection of Senator Barack Obama as our 44th President set off a cultural, emotional, celebratory, social shift of tectonic proportions.

Those of us who are white likely will never fully appreciate what's back of the continuing public displays of emotion, hope, celebration and pure joy.

But, we can try, and in this new opportunity to try, we may discover a phenomenal basis for the growth of community and real progress in pursuing racial reconciliation.

In this same spirit, I just had to share this one from YouTube! Check it out here.




Chris said...

My reaction is that I'm tired of hearing about race. I don't care if the President is green, yellow, purple or blue, it's the policies that matter. I am afraid we are headed down the wrong path, especially if Congress steals enough votes (think Minn.) to make the Senate fillibuster proof. The far left is out to change the whole direction of the country, such as the so called "Fairness Doctrine." We are headed for disaster now and it will only get worse when all the new entitlements are added on, or maybe worse when they can't be implemented due to lack of money. It will be a new day, but not one that anyone wants. I predict disaster for our country.

Mikey said...

My reaction is full of hope, celebration, and pure joy... unfortunately tempered by the unintentional stiff-upper-lip rigidity of someone who grew up in the same religious tradition that you did, Larry. But I'm working on that...

I agree with your assessment. I am white, and although I was/am Probama, I doubt that I can fully appreciate or even understand the depths of the hope and joy that are felt by minority communities in general and the African American community specifically.

But, as you said, we do have a beautiful opportunity to make some headway in the realm of racial unity. Of course some other recent election results mean that we've taken another giant step backwards in terms of unity with other groups... but perhaps we can only cope with one victory at a time.

And Chris, I have to admit that I have a certain amount of respect for you. I can probably count on a couple of fingers the times that I've agreed with you - and I see you take a beating on a daily basis for your opinions - and yet you still have the guts to post them here every day. Even with the added benefit of internet anonymity, your willingness to stick to your guns is worth noting.

That being said, I again find myself disagreeing with you. I do understand that you're tired of hearing about race, and I agree that policies matter... but I disagree on two counts.

First, while policies matter, that does not at all mean that race does not. For many (if not most) people, race is a significant part of identity and opportunity - and, regardless of any policy decisions, Obama's election is a huge step forward culturally for this country. Even if, for some reason, his presidency turns out to be disastrous in terms of policy, the cultural, societal step shouldn't be ignored outright.

Secondly, I take issue with one of your implications. Your comment, "The far left is out to change the whole direction of the country," has a built-in presupposition that our country's direction doesn't need to be changed.

I recognize that opinions vary - but from my perspective, our country has been heading in the wrong direction for quite some time now. I don't agree with change for the sake of change. But change for the sake of righting obvious wrongs - I can definitely support that.

Larry James said...

Chris, I wish no one ever had to speak about race in this nation. But, sadly, we aren't there yet. You insist on moving beyond it--I expect that was the case 2-3 decades ago with you. That is because you are not black and you can't begin to understand what one single day in this country is like for those who are.

Then, check this out:

I'll have more to say on these reports in the days ahead. Read the report. Not fiction. As a Christian, how can we move on because we are "tired of hearing about race"? Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...


Re: response to Chris - Amen on all counts!

Anonymous said...

That is because you are not black and you can't begin to understand what one single day in this country is like for those who are.

Great response. Racism is still very alive in our society, even (maybe even especially) within the church. While I did not vote for Obama, and don't support his views, it does make me happy that an African American Man was able to elected, and perhaps bringing us closer to racial harmony.

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a blog entry on racism within churches. Or just among Christians, like how we should react when we hear Christians make inappropriate comments, etc.... I think the only thing worse that hearing someone make a prejudicial comment is for a Christian to ignore it or not "speak up", which I have sadly been guilty of doing.

Anonymous said...

A New Day is when the aborted unborn child has the opportunity to grow up and be President of the United States. And now one of Obama's first Executive Orders will be to rescind the Mexico Initiave and we will again fund family clinics that provide abortions in other countries, and the other will be to allow stem cell research on embryos when it has been proven that it can be done even better with adult cells.
Will the Lord continue to bless these United States? It remains to be seen.