Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our district attorney

Gerald Britt has a way with words. He's also good at analysis and subject selection. Let me hasten to add, Central Dallas Ministries is more than fortunate to have him as our Vice-President of Public Policy and Community Program Development.

These days, the Dallas Morning News has him writing a regular opinion column for the paper. Smart move on their part. Smart words from Rev. Britt.

Did you read his recent comments on Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins in the November 17 edition of the paper?

As usual, Gerald was right on in his nomination of Watkins for "Texan of the Year." We are fortunate to have Mr. Watkins as our DA.

Here's how Gerald begins:

Jan.1, 2007, the day Craig Watkins was sworn in as Dallas' first African-American district attorney, marked a seismic shift in local politics. Perhaps even more significant than the election of Ron Kirk, our first black mayor, Mr. Watkins' first two years in office illustrate a commitment to just and effective enforcement of the law; citizens expect as much and rightly so.

Mr. Watkins has taken his charge one step further – an equal commitment to justice. The Dallas D.A.'s office is as committed to seeing the innocent go free as it is in seeing the guilty prosecuted – and Mr. Watkins has redoubled those efforts in 2008.

For that reason, Craig Watkins is my nominee for Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year.

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Anonymous said...

I must confess, I was a bit leary of Watkins as DA. He had no criminal prosecution background. But being DA is supposed to be about seeking justice, not winning convictions. With that bigger picture in mind, Watkins has performed admirably.

Chris said...

Do you have a comment on the fact that Mr.Watkins didn't pay his income taxes for 3 years and only paid when a lien was put on his house? Or a couple of business owners were not paid for their services? The fact that the telephone company had to take him to court for a $14,000 bill? Or that the city of Dallas had to sue for a loan he didn't repay? If this is wrong,let me know.

He apparently can't take care of his own financial situation. Texan of the year? Don't think so.

Larry James said...

Chris, you bring up issues that were debated, explained and covered in the election cycle when he was selected by the community to be DA. What I referred to was the fact that about 30 wrongly accused and convicted individuals have been released from wrongful imprisonment thanks to the policy and commitment of our DA. The issues you bring up were contested and settled. . .and you don't have all the facts. But the men who have been set free, there is no question they owe their rightful freedom to Mr. Watkins. Do you ever see the positive in anything?