Sunday, November 15, 2009

Standing on the shoulders of a hero

The iphone photo quality leaves something to be desired, but I wouldn't take anything for the moment or the image. 

Rev. Dr. Zan Wesley Holmes has led the way for two, and likely now three, generations of Dallas folks concerned about pursuing a community ethic defined by a commitment to and a concern for justice. 

For years Dr. Holmes led the influential St. Luke's "Community" United Methodist Church here in Dallas.  From his days over 50 years ago at Perkins Theological Seminary until this past week at the Justice Revival, Dr. Holmes has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to seeing justice established in our community. 

Arguably the most influential voice in the Dallas Civil Rights Movement across five decades, Dr. Holmes has pointed the way, paid the price and prompted all of us to join in the fight. 

This photo, taken on the last evening of the Justice Revival Dallas, captured a wonderful moment that I shared with him. 

I remember years ago when I was considering a job change, Dr. Holmes was the first person that I called.  He gave me good advice.  More than that, it was very clear to me that he cared about my life, my work and my future. 

Just before this photo was taken, I told Dr. Holmes that my generation and those younger than me were indebted to him and his leadership, that we are "standing on your shoulders" as we pursue our work.  He responded with his trademark humility. 

Dr. Holmes provided the keynote address on the first night of the Justice Revival.  But he returned each of the two following nights to lend his support to the effort.  Typical Zan Holmes. 

I consider myself blessed to know him and to count him as a dear friend and a trusted, proven guide.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Holmes' adress the first night was absolutely fantastic! I was glad I was there to hear it.