Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ghandi's worldview

Mahatma Gandhi listed Seven Deadly Social Sins that he considered to be most spiritually damaging to humanity. This list is more relevant today than when he wrote it more than a half century ago, don't you think?

Here's the sins he identified as most heinous:

Politics without principle.

Commerce without morality.

Science without humanity.

Knowledge without character.

Wealth without work.

Pleasure without conscience.

Worship without sacrifice.

Adequate substance for a Sunday reflection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

I love the wisdom in these 7 short sentences. It is powerful. Thanks for sharing.

I have read your blog for some time, and although I rarely leave comments, I do appreciate your writing and am encouraged by the work being done at CDM. I'm sure it is not easy to write quality blog posts everyday.

I also wanted to ask though if you all had a partner organization in Chicago or perhaps a specific non-profit you would recommend working with. My wife and I recently moved here and we're interested in finding a place to serve.


- Nate Turner

Larry James said...

Nate, you may want to check out Lawndale Community Development Corp in Chicago.