Monday, October 25, 2010

CitySquare arrives!

We have a new name!

I suppose an obvious question might be, "Why?"

First, a bit of history. 

We began in 1988 with "Central Dallas Food Pantry." 

As our work in the community expanded far beyond food, and as we prepared for our next steps into the future, that first name yielded to "Central Dallas Ministries." 

So, now we've reached another one of those important moments. 

The further expansion of our work prompted the latest "brand" change.  We are no longer just "central." 
Nor are we only Dallas--our reach new extends across the Metroplex and into San Antonio, Austin and the 19-county North Texas region. 

The word "ministries" continues to confuse people in a couple of ways. 

We aren't a church, though some think we are, while others wish we were!  We have never used our work/resources as hooks to proselytize, though others fear we might on the basis of that one very loaded word. 

Clearly, the time is ripe for a new name. 


The name begs exactly the right question, "Interesting.  What does that mean?"

We worked with world renowned ad agency, The Richards Group here in Dallas for over a year on the new name (at cut-rate, non-profit prices, I hasten to add!).  The marketing pros inside this amazing company led us through their "spherical branding" process with great care and the occasional, thoughtful challenge. 

The final product of our hard work:  our new brand promise.

Our "brand vision" is clear:  changing the trajectory of people's lives. 

Our brand positions us as the right organization for people who want to help "the poor" because at CitySquare we partner with people to see improvement in their lives and ours. 

We discovered our "brand personality":  compassionate, gritty and fiercely committed

Our brand affiliation will attract people who want in the fight against poverty


We are in the middle of the community. 

The space we occupy is an inviting place. 

We seek partners around the square.  Our space seeks to be completely inclusive--everyone is welcome, all are invited to join us on the CitySquare!

In fact, the change we seek, the values we speak cannot be realized without full  participation around the CitySquare.

And, we intend to "square things up," to reconcile relationships and rules for the sake of equity and justice.  We want to make things right wherever we do our work. 

Our new logo communicates the presence of many individuals, numerous efforts and varied groups, all independent, yet assembled with their combined energy focused on the center of the common square, dedicated to the hard work of community renewal.

Welcome to our new identity:  CitySquare!

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