Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confidence in opportunity

Forgive me just here for being so personal.  The photo caught my oldest grandson, Wyatt Toombs kicking a soccer ball in the midst of what appears to be a pick-up game in Central Park, New York City.  I can't wait to get the details on this one. 

Wyatt and big sister, Gracie, flew to New York City with Jennifer and Brandon over the past long weekend, made even longer by the fact that the schools were closed on Tuesday as well.  They went to see Lion King on Broadway, made a trip to see Lady Liberty, rode to the top of the Empire State Building, toured the Museum of Natural History, visited what is claimed to be the largest toy store in the world--what a trip it must have been! 

My grandchildren are blessed beyond my ability to describe, and for that I am most grateful.  Experiences like this trip set them up for dreams and learning and success.  No guarantees, of course, but a real opportunity to keep making progress. 

Bringing similar opportunities and options to the children of low-income families is a big part of what we try to do.  Such experiences are vital to academic achievement and to education for life. 

Wyatt's obvious confidence at 6-years-old battling away in a soccer match with perfect strangers, most of whom look older than he, grows. at least in part, from the rich experiences he's already enjoyed in life.

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