Monday, October 18, 2010

Homeless on Twitter. . .

To read and view an amazing report by Mark Horvath, founder of, from the Huffington Post ("Homeless Family Uses Twitter to Escape Homelessness and Help Others" (VIDEO),) on how a homeless family uses social media to reach to and assist others who are homeless click here.

I need to get your reactions after you see this report.

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Lorlee said...

not sure what to think. Couldn't watch the video, but from the article and photos, I don't get the big deal. There are homeless stories everywhere. May sound judgmental, but social media is expensive -- might be better spent on food. "even collected cans" -- well if I am down and out,you do what you have to. Don't know what I am missing here. Also, I guess I was a bit turned off by the Obama sign -- he inherited this mess.