Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kirk Franklin and CDM in Dallas Morning News today!

Kirk Franklin's visit to Roseland Homes received great coverage in this morning's edition of The Dallas Morning News!  Thanks to Kim Horner for the insightful story about Franklin and his understanding of our mission.

When he said, "This ministry has made dreaming affordable," I knew he was a person who really "gets it."

Here's the entire report for your convenience!

Gospel star Kirk Franklin visits low-income Roseland Townhomes complex in East Dallas
07:58 AM CDT on Wednesday, October 6, 2010
By KIM HORNER / The Dallas Morning News

Tuesday was no ordinary day at Roseland Townhomes and Estates, with gospel star Kirk Franklin strolling around the East Dallas public housing development.

Franklin arrived at 10 a.m. to tour a program that helps lift families out of poverty, and the Grammy-winning artist quickly started to attract a crowd.

The Fort Worth native said he wanted to learn more about the work of Central Dallas Ministries, a charity that will benefit from his Oct. 25 concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center. But the tour also served as a reminder.

Franklin said he grew up in low-income housing in Fort Worth and was adopted at age 4 by a 64-year-old woman with a fourth-grade education. He said many of his own family members were in prison.

"I am a product of ministries and organizations like this," Franklin said.

The concert is a fundraiser for the Dallas nonprofit, which runs Operation Family Fresh Start at Roseland. The program includes after-school classes, parenting classes, job skills training and counseling.

Franklin visited after-school classrooms and a community garden where kids were learning to grow their own food. He remarked at how glad he was to see all the books available to children.

"Nice to meet you," he told after-school teacher Shaina Rowlett. "You're doing great things."

Franklin hugged Rowlett, leaving her shaking.

"I almost melted in his arms," she said.

Franklin said there was little focus on education where he grew up. He said he was encouraged after seeing the programs at Roseland that help people rise from poverty.

"You see the hope in the kids' eyes," he said. "Dreams were a luxury when I was growing up. This ministry has made dreaming affordable."

Franklin praised the employees and volunteers for their work.

"I don't know if Lady GaGa or Kanye can make this kind of impact," he told them. "They may shake their butt on stage, but what you are doing here is shaking off that negativity ... shaking off generational curse."

Franklin said he came to Roseland because he has a responsibility to help others.

"I am excited to stand on the stage and do what I do for something that has long-term value," he said. "I'm very excited about the 25th. It'll be like a praise party with purpose."

For more information about the concert, go to or call 214-880-0202.

Photos by Jenny Fogel, CDM.

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