Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Overcoming the challenge of "food deserts"

Most urban areas suffer from a scarcity of food purchasing options. 

We see the problem of "food deserts" here in Dallas.  The Southern Sector, particularly South and West Dallas, offers limited options to customers concerned about eating healthy. 

To take a look at a recent report on the crisis and how to overcome it click  here.


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Lorlee said...

The City of Dallas has 19,000 lots-- a lot of them in the southern sector. Somehow we need to get them to partner with people to grow food on these lots. It would cut down on the City's costs for mowing these lots -- which they do once a year if we are lucky.

I am also thinking about a program called "Grow a Row". If we would pass out a package of seed to every house -- just one package -- and have them plant it. 1 package doesn't take much room or work -- could be done in a flower bed, along a sidewalk, etc. -- So do you want to partner with me? Maybe we could get the seeds donated.