Friday, October 08, 2010

Talking with Kirk. . .

What follows are various snippets of our conversation with Kirk Franklin during his tour of Roseland Homes earlier this week.  Franklin will perform in Central Dallas Ministries' annual benefit concert, A Night to Remember on Monday, October 25 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in the Downtown Dallas Arts District. 

Kirk's quotes provides real insights into the heart and soul of the man. 

Enjoy what he says. Then, go to and purchase your tickets for the big night!

"Glad to be a part of “a name that is respected in the community like this ministry."

In thinking about the concert:: “Honor to be here and to stand on stage and hopefully put some money on some great causes.”

“I’m not coming as an outsider to the community. The vision of what you’re doing has always been close to my family and my heart. It was programs like this…that gave survival to me.”

“If there had been programs more like this in the 70s and 80s, some of my friends wouldn’t have gotten so lost.”

“People who get their hands dirty are my heroes”

This is organically me – this is natural me” (on taking the time to hang out at Roseland).

“I’m a product of ministries like these”

“This is hood-born and hood-survived” (about himself).

“What these people are doing is human. And to not do it is inhuman…I’m just here today to be human” (speaking about our organization).
“I’m excited to stand on stage and do something that has long-term value. It’s not just a concert that brings in some money.”

Hearing from CDM, asking to participate in our ANTR event was “just one of those divine phone calls.”

“It’s like a praise party with a purpose” (the concert).

“If any person has any name recognition, they need to realize that recognition was given for a cause” (on using his celebrity to partner with organizations).

"Now, go buy your tickets!"--a quote from Larry James!

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