Friday, October 29, 2010

What is "CitySquare"?

When people see our new brand, they always ask, "What is CitySquare?" 

Of course, that is exactly the question a good brand prompts!  And, we are all very eager to talk about the meaning back of the new image, as well as the work out in front of it. 

One helpful way to understand CitySquare is to contextualize it, to put it in various places

So, clearly, CitySquare is. . .

. . .a gathering place for the community.

. . .a place of inclusion where everyone is welcome.

. . .a place where the various institutions of a community intersect.

. . .a place where everyone can be heard, known and respected.

. . .a place of community resources and equal access and opportunity.

. . .a place into which the values and priorities of life and faith can be spoken and lived out.

. . .a place for planning and mobilization.

. . .a place for service and action.

. . .a place for working out just solutions to tough challenges.

. . .a place where things are "squared up," reconciled and made right.

. . .a place where hard questions can be asked and plans formulated for providing satisfying answers.

This is CitySquare!

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