Monday, November 15, 2010

Denying health care to the poor in Texas

Now we're told that leadership in the Texas legislature, in the next session beginning in January, may consider ending Medicaid coverage for poor children, women, the disabled and seniors.

Read the story here.

Just when you thought Texas couldn't get much colder or non-responsive to poor people, our leaders come through to strike an even harsher blow to the weak, the sick and the impoverished.

Don't it make ya proud?


Dean Smith said...

It sounds like the desire to secede from the union and opt out of our responsibilities is more popular than we thought. God help us all.

Randy said...

It seems to be an unsolvable, inevitable direction in our state. The poor do not vote in large enough numbers. The people who do vote, with far more resources at their disposal, vote their own self-interest. Their self-interest? "What's mine is mine, what else can I make mine --you fend for yourself."

I am not encouraged...

Lorlee said...

I expect that it will only get worse and the new members of the legislature decide they have a mandate to cut everything. So blame it on the voters who voted them in.