Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Juan works hard

Our Sunday paper arrived complete win a Christmas card from Juan.

Juan delivers my paper every day long before 6 a. m.

I expect his days begin well before 5 in the morning.

Of course, his paper route allows him to work two jobs, at least.

I know Juan hopes I'll use the Christmas card envelop, self-addressed, to pass along a tip for his service this last year. And, I'll gladly respond as he hopes.

Juan works hard.

I am fortunate that he is assigned to my street.

Even more blessed that he came to the U. S.

I don't get folks who oppose immigrants.

Merry Christmas, to you and your family, Juan!

(2,500th post.)

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Chris said...

I have nothing against immigrants but the fact is, if current policy continues, we will add 300 million more people to our population by the end of this century. To use a favorite word of yours, that is not "sustainable". I urge you to watch this 10 minute U-Tube presentation, "Immigration by the Numbers--off the Charts."