Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An important, timely conversation

Jim Wallis and Lisa Sharon Harper are friends. 

Their conversation is enlightening and most important.

 We all need to get involved for the sake of our neighbors who have become our dear friends.



Anonymous said...

Jim Wallis is nothing more than a lapdog for the social gospel, which is a theological defense of the welfare state, a system designed to separate you from your money in defense of the "poor."

Incidentally, he makes a huge salary, which puts him in the top 5%.

I urge everyone to read up on this charlatan.

rcorum said...

I think it is along the lines of $197,000 a year. Make of it what you will, but at least Larry's salary is a fraction of that amount.

Anonymous said...

Jim Wallis has been a radical all his life. At one time he was a self- proclaimed Marxist. I don't know if he has recanted that or not.

As far as money is concerned, he gives at least 200 speeches a year and they probably don't come cheap.

I do not equate Larry with Jim Wallis.

Larry James said...

Do any of you "anons" know Jim? I mean personally? Have you ever talked to him? Written him? Read one of his books? I have. You misrepresent him terribly. Your comments are not only incorrect, they are very sad.

RC, thanks for always signing your name. I count you as a good friend with an open heart, and a good teacher for me as well.

Anonymous said...

Wallis has said some really nasty things about Sarah Palin , he also lied about receiving funds from George Soros before finally having to admit the truth .