Monday, March 18, 2013

Believe! Housing First

It's a new way of thinking, but "housing first" works!




Anonymous said...

Housing First will work for some folks- others who remain in their addiction will now have a safe haven to use drugs and remain housed at the expense of our dollars. yes some will take advatage of the support services- but others if they are not held accountable by some rules (drug tests, mandatory counseling & treatment) then they have no goal to work towards. Many (all) addicts are manipulative by nature and this will be the icing on their cake. They can continue to use and remain housed-this behavior can affect folks who are truly struggling to get sober while living among using addicts

Larry James said...

Sorry, Anon, but national, in-depth, on-going research refutes your assumptions. What you overlook is the intervening power of the housing. Even in those minority of cases where some of what you fear is true, are we better off with these folks on the streets or in the housing we provide? Think about it and read some research.