Friday, March 08, 2013

Whiz Kids. . .reprise!

Over ten years ago, CitySquare formed a working partnership with Rev. McKinley Hailey, founder of Imaginuity, a high-tech communications company, to bring a program we called "Whiz Kidz" to a number of urban, public high schools in Dallas.

At the time, Dallas public schools had received federal funding to build state-of-the-art computer labs in all of their high schools. The problem they faced was not having trained faculty to maximize the presence of the new technology for student learning.

 This is where our partnership came in.

In exchange for placing highly qualified computer "coaches" in the classrooms at 8 high schools across the inner city portion of the district, we gained rights to use the computer centers to deliver our highly competitive training initiative to selected students.

 What follows is a video promoting creativity and "out of the box" thinking in public education.

 If you fast forward to the 2:45 minute mark, you'll see NBA star, Chris Bosh, a graduate of Dallas' Lincoln High School describing his experience with "Whiz Kidz."

 Pretty cool.

One thing this experience teaches me is that in impact of what is done today may not  be fully realized until much, much later.

 My dear friend, McKinley, passed away a few years ago.

 Seeing this video brought back so many wonderful memories of "Mack" and our work.

 I'm believing he is aware of his impact.


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