Friday, July 17, 2015

Glenn Lowe, R.I.P.

It's come to this.

Better, I've come to this.

Memorializing dear friends from high school days more frequently is not a trend that appeals to me. 

On July 3, Glenn Lowe passed away following a short, but intense illness.

Glenn and I were great buds all through junior high and high school. 

He was a great football talent, going on to play and star at the University of Arkansas in the old South West Conference.  Our football memories solidified our connection. 

Richardson High School class of 1968, football season of 1967--amazing times.  The Eagles went 11-3 that year, falling to state powerhouse Abilene Cooper in the state semi-finals, a game played in the biting cold at the Cotton Bowl.  They kicked us 42-6!  Still, I believe every starting player on that 1967 team received a college scholarship to play football. 

Experiences like that create lifelong connection. 

Sadly, we didn't see each other very often at all, but the heart connection remains as strong as back in the day.  I realized that last week when another teammate and star player at the University of Texas, David Arledge got word to me about Glenn's death. 

Funny, David and I picked up right where we left off 47 years ago! 

Glenn never met a stranger.  He was full of joy and laughter and goodness.  He was the guy who always stopped to pick you up if you were down or defeated or ready to quit.  He was a kind, humble. funny giant of a man.  He must have had a million friends.

He was also a heck of a football player, and he was loyal/supportive of all of  his friends!

An example of his loyalty will remain with me for the rest of my life.  We played the Longview High School Lobos in the regional playoff game that final, amazing season.  It turned out to be the toughest, most physical game in which I would ever play.  The game was a battle to the end.  We finally prevailed and won the game. 

At the very end of the  game, the Longview Lobo nose guard playing over me at center intentionally jumped offside and smacked me in the head, an obvious act of anger and frustration. 

Glenn took it all in. 

In our huddle before the next play he told us he was moving over to the guard position where David Arledge played. 

"Larry, you hit him high, I'll hit him low!" Glenn informed us all.

Our play worked flawlessly, except for one thing.  Glenn took the Lobo player down with a low block and I hit him high.  However, when I hit him high, I just kept hitting him with my head. 

I was ejected from the game.  Even the coaches laughed. 

Glenn was a real friend.

Something important slipped away from us two weeks ago. 

No matter what you say, that's tough.  It's hard. 

R. I. P., Big Glenn. 

If you knew Glenn, a memorial celebration has been organized for 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at First United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas.

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Jane Baker alford said...

Beautiful tribue, Larry! I am sorry to live too far to have been able to go to the memorial service for Glenn today. I am sure you and David served Glenn well in this final tribute to such a great guy.