Thursday, July 09, 2015

Images: Cottages progress report

As I write, rain falls softly on ground at The Cottages at Hickory Crossing. . .AGAIN! 

Hopefully, the shower will pass without bringing another halt to the project.  Since beginning, we've lost about two months to snow and rain and mud! 

But, we're making progress on building this special neighborhood for 50 of our neighbors who have no place to call "home" today.  That will change very soon.  My anxiousness relates to the delay the weather causes these new residents. 

The photos that follow do document our progress, especially to those who follow this project closely. The community services building remains but a skeleton.  The Cottages community sits just across Malcolm X from CitySquare's Opportunity Center.


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Anonymous said...

Good start. With dense housing is fire a major concern? I always wonder about using aluminum/steel frame structures and siding might be better and perhaps last longer. I'm not a carpenter or construction engineer. Hopefully, with ownership they will have a sense of responsibility as well as self dignity.