Thursday, December 29, 2005

Living in Luxury's Lap

Somehow the November issue of Modern Luxury Dallas landed on my desk.

The magazine is an ultra-slick advertising journal with a clear focus on very wealthy readers, as well as many "wealthy wanna-bes" I expect. This particular issue is deigned to be a shoppers guide for Christmas.

Very convenient.

This brief excerpt from the "Editor's Note," an introductory word from Elise Anthony, Editor-In-Chief, will tell what you need to understand about the publication:

"Before autumn leaves fly from the trees and the mercury even considers a dip below 90, our holiday shopping is, quite officially, a wrap. After weeks of calling, shopping, debating and agonizing over the best boutiques and style-file stores, we delight in finding something for every personality. Men! What to buy them? Something akin to the Oakley Thump, jogger-friendly sunglasses capable of storing and playing up to 120 songs, is just he right track. . .

"Fortunately, you're at the top of our list--our personal shopping will have to wait--our "holiday" task is really all so you don't have to lift much more than your BlackBerry before jetting to Jackson Hole for some quality time on the slopes. From the Fashionista in your life to the Globetrotter, we have you covered like cashmere on a baby."

Actually, that turns out to be a terrible understatement!

Promoting, er. . . announcing trunk shows and style events, this surprising magazine displays the opulence that is Dallas, Texas. Sandwiched in between all of the material treasure you can also find information about various cultural arts events and many charity benefits complete with an obligatory photo review of the "Dallas Scene."

I'll give you a feel for all that is available to you.

How about a bottle of Napa Valley 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend in a special bottle displaying a label that will "change" to reveal all of the pinup image of the late Marilyn Monroe? The cost ranges from $200 to $1,000 per bottle.

Maybe it's a cashmere jump rope that you need to get back into the swing of conditioning after the holidays. Cost: $195.

Who could resist a pair of Devi Kroell's astrakhan boots? Only $2,190 a pair.

But then, maybe a silk, Italian embossed crocodile leather bag with matching crocodile embossed calfskin and suede pumps would be the ticket. This amazing mixed metaphor of styling excellence is only $835.

To really express your appreciation you will want to consider the 18K white gold earrings with 114 diamonds at $33,000 to be balanced by the matching multi-strand drape necklace priced at a mere $125,000.

If it is urban style you have in mind, check out the "Skyscraper Necklace" by Tony Duquette. The stunning gold piece is priced at $84,755 with a matching wrist cuff ($35,625) and ring ($14,300) to complete the set.

The rosebud sequined evening bag by Valentino would certainly set off almost any evening attire, costing just $1,950.

And, I'm not half way through the issue!

Lots of help to be found here on how to spend that latest tax cut passed by the U. S. Congress.

Two pages into my review, a photo spread of Tea Leoni caught my eye.

She is wearing unusual "Triadra" necklaces and matching cluster ring and bracelets all in 18K yellow gold with diamonds throughout. Backendorf's jewelers placed the advertisement. In the top corner I read a brief, caused-based marketing note that acknowledged Leoni's personal commitment to UNICEF. Di MODOLO, the designer, announced support for the charity in her honor.

"Sexy in the City" was the theme of this pre-Christmas edition of the magazine.

Capitalism at work in Dallas!

It is all here.

Extravagant furnishings, goods, products and services. The network of amazing wealth displayed so proudly. Even charitable good works, all freely offered.

I'll confess, in my own way, at my own level, I evidently buy into this whole system. So, I stand fully under the judgment of my observations.

But, I have to tell you, as I thumbed through the journal, thinking about what I know about our city, I couldn't help but recall the story Jesus told in the second half of Luke 16.

Lord, have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Proverbs 22:16

He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.

Molly Johnson said...

Cool picture of zoroastrianism