Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our Post Office

You wouldn't believe our Post Office.

It sits right across the street from our headquarters building on Haskell Avenue here in Dallas. It looks like a normal Post Office Sub-Station.

But, I have a feeling it is anything but "normal."

Of course, the center of the action is our Postmaster, Frazier Forman.

Frazier is part community organizer, part ring-leader, part comedian, part political pundant, part evangelist, part counselor and a great, great friend! He keeps things "real" and very alive in his shop.

Buying stamps can be great comedy or, at times, real drama.

Everyone talks to everyone in the P. O. across the street. Perfect strangers often leave engaged in meaningful, connected conversations, usually thanks to something Frazier has said or done.

I see lots of friends over at the P. O. across the street--friends I made there and friends I've met elsewhere who come by to take care of some business.

I've noticed that people are not in any real hurry to leave our P. O. Ever heard of anything so crazy as that?

No reason to be in a hurry over there. The pace is what it is. I've learned across the past 12-plus years that there is a reason for the pace and it is best to just settle in, keep my eyes and ears open and enjoy the place!

The secret to P. O. across the street is really very simple. Frazier and his team have managed to carve out a very important (I would say "sacred") space for community to be expressed, worked out and realized. . .right there in the stamp line!

Our Post Office serves as a very vital community crossroads.

What a blessing! The ordinary miracle of our P. O. just across the street.


JD said...

Grace just springs up in the strangest places! Thanks for painting a picture for us.

So why are church buildings empty 6 days a week ... and things are hoppin' down at the post office!

Larry James said...

Good question, JD. Maybe we need to rethink our need for and our use of church buildings. What do you think?