Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Right compromised. . .astonishing!

I find this amazing.

The policy promotes injustice, disenfranchisement and denial of expanding rights for all of our people.

If Jim Wright can't vote, who can?

Impossible to justify.


Anonymous said...

I have worked in elections for many years, including yesterday. I did not hear one negative comment yesterday about the new voter ID rule. In fact, there were many positive comments. Not one person had to cast a provensional vote.

Larry James said...

Really glad to hear that, Anon 7:56. May I ask where your polling place was located? What part of town or in what town/city?

Anonymous said...

The address was Richmond,Tx., but it was in the country.

At first glance it does seem unreasonable to require Jim Wright to have a picture ID, but the law must be enforced equally. I should think he would be able to get a picture ID without too much problem. I am almost sure he had harder issues in Congress.

With all the mess in Washington, I should think you would have more important issues.

Anonymous said...

Voter ID seems like a bit of a tempest in a teapot to me, no matter how you consider it. First, there is almost no voter fraud in this country, so why pass the law? But, it is quite easy to get some form of voter ID, so why fight so hard against it? I am having trouble understanding either side on this one. Can anyone help me understand why this is such a pitched battle?