Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you count your blessings, I trust that great joy will follow, as well as reflection.

Today I will be with our family.

All four of my grandchildren will be with me.

It will be wonderful.

And, it will be better today for my little buddy, Chris or Christian, than it was just a couple of years ago.

Chris and his mom live in our building downtown.  Chris' mom is a devoted provider.  She keeps Chris on the right path.

Last week he showed me his report card--all As with one B.  He had circled the B.

"See that circle?" he asked me.

"Yes, I do. What does it mean?" I replied.

"It means next time I'll have a 100 there!" he exclaimed.

I expect he will.

He told me that  he wants to go to Oklahoma University and play football.  I told him that both were great dreams, but in any case he could go to OU if he worked hard, football or no football.  He smiled.

Chris is my buddy and I am his.

As I thank God for my family today, I'll find some time to thank God for Chris and his family as well.

I'm grateful he is doing well.

He'll have his chance, and that is everything.

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