Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The close. . .at last!

Late yesterday the deal closed on 511 N. Akard!

CityWalk @ Akard
has been acquired!

As a result, over 200 low-income, working citizens of Dallas, Texas will soon be able to lease high-quality studio apartments very near their Downtown employment.

Of these, 50 individuals who are on the street today will be able to move into homes of their own.

I am grateful to John Greenan, Executive Director of the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, for his leadership, vision and hard work to see this project through to close on the acquisition. John (along with his team that includes Johnice Woods, Lori Beth Lemmon-Harrison, Tom Milner, Rob Colburn, Mark Joeckel, Central Dallas CDC and CDM Board members and staff, and a number of other community partners, leaders and professionals) worked tirelessly for over a year to guide us to this wonderful moment!

Now we begin the process of closing on the construction loan that must wrap up by the end of March 2007.

Much hard work with our architects and other partners remains to be done.

But, we will get there!

The CityWalk @ Akard initiative will change the landscape in Downtown Dallas for low-income working people.

Today we are much more than grateful!

Thanks to each of you who have been so faithful in remembering us.


RC said...


You and your staff do something that too few do. You get things done. I wish we had you cloned in Memphis. God bless. By the way, for those of you who read this blog I would really appreciate your prayers. Thursday, I am undergoing my third major surgery in less than two years. The first was bypass surgery, and this one is a pretty complicated neck surgery. After 40 it has been all downhill for me from a physical sense. I love to visit this place and be inspired to care more. It does more for me than you will ever know.

Daniel Gray said...

Congratulations to everyone who has made efforts for this project!

Janet said...

Isn't it kinda interesting that visiting a blog can inspire people and mean so much. Central Dallas seems to do that...whether it's in the Dallas communities where we live and work or whether it's connecting through a blog. Somehow you always feel connected to people around here. It's a great feeling.

Know you are in our prayers.

owldog said...

YEAH YEAH NOW WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT, WE NEED MONEY FOR CONSTRUCTION. Larry, you talked about the homeless man gathering cans, I bet they would love to give some of their change. Oh my goodness they could help work on the builidng, like a large habitat for humanity. Where do we sign up to help? The Dallas schools that have building trade and electrical trade schools here is their project :)

Larry James said...

Thanks to all for the posts!

RC, you will be in our prayers as you head into this surgery. We will look forward to hearing of your recovery afterwards.

Mike Backman said...

Great job on 511 -y'all have done what no one else could.

Mike Backman

MommyHAM said...


dmowen said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Owldog - I have a mental picture. Pathetic. Miserable. Negative. Bored. Angry. Hostile. Arrogant. Critical. Cold. Alone. Lonely. Selfish. Overbearing. Egotistical. Always right. Never wrong. Am I close?

How about getting off "your can" and doing something positive.

I have a place for you to sign up.

Your Friend. The Can Man.

owldog said...


I don't get your comment I am very excited and habitat for humanity, the future resident get to help build their new home, I was thinking the same concept here only bigger. I LOVE what CDM has gotten done and I can't wait for it to succeed. With tons of hard work and prayer it will become a reality. Why did you think I meant anything negative?

Larry James said...

Owldog, thanks for the post. I regret that anonymous, "the Can Man" misunderstood you. I know what you meant and, of course, it helps because I know you. This is an example of the limits of this medium of communication. Voice is important-tone, facial expressions, body language--all lost here.

As to taking a Habitat for Humanity approach on this project, that will not be possible due to the danger and complexity of remodeling a 15-story building.

owldog said...


Thanks for the response. I understand the liability of the Habitat for Humanity approach. The reason I suggested a school trade program is their labor is much less yet every step they take is monitored. I was just trying to get "more for the money" because I understand raising money is so hard. We need to get our jar of change down there.

Ps. I did not know you knew who I was :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing example of what should be happening all around the U.S. Praise God to all who have already put so much time and effort into this project, you will be blessed, as will the people who have new homes

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to visit with you very long at yesterday's lunch, but congratulations on acquiring the building and much good luck on the project going forward. I'm impressed and welcome being your neighor downtown.