Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was a day with grandchildren!

Here's how bad it is. At 8 a.m. its delivering donuts to the home of our oldest grandchildren, Gracie and Wyatt. Nothing better than those early morning smiles and hugs, followed by sugary fingers and kisses!

Then, it's a drop in to see our newest grandson, Owen. He is serious as a judge and growing like a weed! I managed to coax several smiles out of him. He watched me for the longest time, I am sure trying to figure out who in the world the crazy old guy in the baseball cap might be!

What blessings these children are to everyone who knows them!

Sunday I will speak at the Preston Road Church of Christ (PRCC).

This is the church that led the way in founding Central Dallas Ministries.

Thanks to the dreams and vision of Jim and Betsy Sowell and the pastoral leadership, guidance and teaching of the Senior Minister at the time, one of my very best friends, Randy Mayeux; this church provided the creative space for the formation of the community-based non-profit where I get to work every day.

Obviously, this is a very special group of people to our organization and to me.

Each year about this time, I enjoy the privilege of addressing the church. The church in turn shares a special offering of love and compassion with us. This offering is above and beyond the annual support we receive from the church's operating budget.

I am grateful for every person who is part of this congregation.


Anonymous said...

You did go jod today at PRCC.
I love see you at PRCC!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Christian Love,
Sarah L'Italien

Larry James said...

Sarah, thanks! It was good to see you, too!