Sunday, November 26, 2006

A prayer

The opening prayer we prayed in church this morning touched me deeply.

"O God, we praise and adore you. You are truly without beginning or ending--your reign is eternal and your being all-powerful, and yet you chose to reveal your power in the most powerless and vulnerable manner--as a baby.

As you shared our humanity in Jesus, you gave the world a new understanding of power.

We know now that power is not to be used to dominate, but to serve others as Christ did.

He transformed the love of power by the power of love.

We gather today to celebrate your rule of love in our hearts as we experience it in Jesus and through the enabling gift of your Spirit. We offer this prayer of gratitude for these blessings in the name of Jesus, our Servant King."


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Prayer. Being a Truck Driver for over 20 Years I've seen allot out on te Road. How bad the Homeless are treated and the way People ignore them when they walk by.
I made a Video to try and make a little difference the best way I could. Check it out:

Larry James said...

Anonymous, thanks for this link and even more for your work and most of all your heart! I will post this link on my main page in a day or two.