Thursday, November 23, 2006


Gratitude has suffered at the hands of urgency in my life.

How about you?

One of the reasons Thanksgiving has always been my favority holiday--well, okay, maybe not always, but since I was about 16-years-old at least--has to do with pace and focus.

[By the way: Being a man on Thanksgiving puts me at a definite advantage. In my family, the women work really hard in preparing for the feast day and they work hard during and afterwards as well. Of course, women work hard constantly! So, I begin by being grateful for all the loving effort that goes into preparing and serving such a meal!]

The pace of the day forces me to slow down, to sit down. The pace enables the focus--to actually stop and look at the people closest to me. Thanksgiving is a day of conversation and laughter and tears and memories and, well, grateful reflection. . .or, it can be.

It is a day for family.

It is a day for hope.

It is a day for sharing food and all that goes with that.

And, of course, it doesn't hurt anything, in my opinion, that it is a day of football and catnaps and great, end-of-the-day leftovers!

A good friend of mine came by on Tuesday again this year.

His story is nothing short of miraculous. I'm really not sure how he is even still alive today. Former drug dealer, addict and criminal, today he is about the sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. His health is poor. His family scattered. He lives on disability, which means he has very limited funds.

He and I have a deal of sorts. He knows that around Thanksgiving, we will get our heads together and plan on how he can host a meal of the family he can manage to gather up.

We worked out the details again this year. He really looks forward to this day. I know that around his table there will be thanks aplenty today. Remember him as you give thanks in whatever way you do that on this special day. He has come a long, long way.

Like I said, the urgent too often kills the significant in my life.

This day provides a much needed "time out."

I'm curious. For what and for whom are you most grateful this Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...


Primarily for my daughter's health, wife's patience, friends' support and family's love. I am grateful to be a part of a genuine community!

Also for my job -- boss's vision, and my coworkers' dedication to making it happen. Nothing like being a part of a great team!

Also for my brother's dedication to his own vision, and the inspiration that it provides.

For the fact that, despite my mistakes, I am yet able to enjoy not one but two wonderful meals on this glorious day!

(and for the fact that I have a gym membership to help me work it off tomorrow)

Much to be thankful for here!

RC said...

I can honestly say that I am thankful to be alive. My bypass surgery is now a distant memory, and my neck surgery was so successful that I am totally pain free for the first time in nine years. I woke up this morning and just laid there soaking in what it felt like not to have a headache. I am so thankful that there is a good chance that my daughter and son-in-law might be moving back home from Orlando. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.