Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marcus Borg on the Prodigal--Sunday Meditation

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Tim Timmons said...

Men like John Shelby Spong "A New Christianity For A new World" - "Sins Of Scripture" and Marcus Borg "Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time" - changed my life.

They took, for me, the "myth" out of "mythology" and made God into a Source Of Life And Love - a father or a mother - or as Saint John Of The Cross would've effused of his Spirit, "My Beloved One."

Some would have referred to this enormous sense of Universal Consciousness that we live in and we know lives in us us as well as just that - "that in which we live and move and have our being." a Divine Cosmic Force that is free of judgment and full of Compassion.

The Source of the Divine Love - especially when interpreted in light of Borg's greater body of writing - is actually worth returning to - one esteemed as John of the Cross would have said, "My Beloved One."