Saturday, July 04, 2009


Recent, firsthand, eyewitness news reports from Iran via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sources have been depressing and, at times, shocking.

Citizens expressing themselves and their rights in peaceful, public demonstrations end up caught in terrible violence, cruel beatings, arrest and who knows what else?

As a freedom loving person, it is impossible not to be moved and concerned for our fellow human beings on the other side of the world in Iran.

I know that I take for granted the freedom I enjoy as a citizen of this nation.

I am grateful that our nation is not ruled by a "supreme ruler," an unquestioned religious leader who claims the sanctions of God to justify every action, even those involving brutality and torture. Today, I am most grateful for "the separation of church and state." I am thankful for our open, secular, social fabric that allows each of us to work out our own faith without imposing or being imposed upon by some overriding authority. I am grateful for our forefathers and mothers who saw and understood the importance of such openness of religious expression, including no religious expression at all.

I am praying that the cleansing power of liberty would wash all such madmen away in its powerful wake. I am praying that as a people we might understand again the importance of diversity, freedom of expression and basic human rights.

Today, I am praying for the spread of liberty into places where it does not exist. I am praying for those who in this very moment are making tremendous, painful and dangerous sacrifices for the cause of liberty.

And, I am thankful for what we have in this nation and for the freedom we enjoy that allows us to work hard at making things even better.

There will be celebration today in our home. . .and thoughts for people and freedom around the world.



Chris said...

Obama didn't seem very concerned about the citizens of Iran, saying he didn't want to "meddle", until he was forced to by public opinion. Of course he has no trouble coming out on the side of dictators such as the former president of Hondurous who was trying to give himself another term although his term had expired.

I'm afraid, under Obama, our freedoms will be gradually taken away. It has already started to happen. He never met a dictator he didn't like.

Anonymous said...

Since it is no longer possible to take you seriously Chris, can you tell us where we can catch the rest of your comedy routine?

Chris said...

Can you prove what I said was wrong?

Larry James said...

Expert after expert has noted the reasons for an "even hand" from the President, most all of those reasons relate to not endangering or thwarting the efforts of the grassroots deomonstrators. In addition, to link the uprising to US encouragement would give the Iranian authorities the justification they want for ending any more demonstrations.

I don't know the detail on Hondurous, but in view of our past track record there--El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua--I can understand why this president would remain restrained.

All that said, my post had nothing to do with this president or the last one. I simply intended to reflect on the blessing of our freedom and the terror associated with religious fanatics who think they speak for God and oppress their people in the process.

Anonymous said...

And besides what Larry said, there's no need to dignify the ridiculous with a serious conversation. Let's just let those who live in the United States of Paranoia enjoy their misery today! Happy Fourth Larry! I, at least appreciate the post...

rcorum said...

From a political conservative, Larry that was one of the most well worded statements on freedom I have ever read, and I so agree with what you said about the separation of church and state. I fear that we often fail to realize just how important that separation really is.