Thursday, July 16, 2009

Texas hot. . .

Got in my car this afternoon and the dashboard thermometer read an unbelievable 117 degrees!

Give me a break!

I remember when we moved back to Dallas in the summer of 1980, we faced a record number of 100-plus days in a row. I remember that well because that was the summer I installed a sprinkler system in my new yard in Richardson.

This summer feels much worse.

Guess I'm just that much older now--almost 30 years older, come to think of it.

Man alive, it's been hot as. . .blazes!

I keep wondering why I live in Texas.

Any really hot weather memories to share out there?


Anonymous said...

66 degrees this morning in St. Louis... it's mornings like this that I'm thankful I left Texas. Although I remember Abilene could get pretty cold in August when the clouds rolled in.

Lorlee said...

I am from Minnesota -- and in Feburary when it is bearable here -- it is 30 below zero there. So that is why we live in Texas.

Janet said...

Much like the picture of the egg on the sidewalk, the kids in the University of Values summer program cooked hot dogs in the 100+ heat the other day. I heard it worked very well!