Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Men

One flying home in his blind rush,
Agendas whirling,
Time demanding,
Wheel in hand,
Thinking of lunch and after,
Work, football, family, obligations,
Weary with the constant press.

One limping along with one concern,
Eating something,
A next meal's hope
Balanced now atop a makeshift cart,
Once a baby carriage,
Piled high with cans,
Weary of the day-to-day nothing.

One glancing in a rearview mirror,
Then into tired, empty eyes,
Catches sight of the canner
With his limp and
His valiant struggle to right His load,
Considers their common burden.

One surprised by the car,
The lowered window, the offer,
"Mister, can I buy your cans?"
Of course, where should I put them?
A cash exchange, a brief moment of
Human contact to lift a burden,
A tear in the eye of each.

Two men,
A few words, smiles,
A small amount of cash,
Exchanged together with connection,
Without obligation;
Pure concern, pure gratitude,
Relief for both.


Dean Smith said...

Did you compose this? It's very moving.

Jeremy Gregg said...

You are one of a kind, Larry... and that's too bad. We could use more people like you in this world.

Eric Livingston said...

Great narrative set in a beautiful poem.

Karen Shafer said...

love it.

Tim Timmons said...

Spontaneous eruptions of Joy in each set of eyes - both born of Gratitude.

In a single moment of time, both feel a force that is larger than themselves swelling up within. Both men experience Gratitude. Both men experience Joy. Both men experience God.


Way Cool.