Friday, January 27, 2012


Frankly, too much of my time gets spent trying to raise money, balance tight budgets and squeeze efficiences out of every cent and process. 

There.  I feel better now!

Actually, there is a very warm, human side to fund development. Those who fund our work, be they foundation leaders, government decision makers, churches and faith communities on mission, individuals who care, businesses wanting to engage the community, all come to the process as human beings.  Often, and when things align as they should, funders come seeking significant relationships, sometimes even friendship. 

So, a big part of my life is a true blast.

But, back to numbers.  You can't escape numbers, I've learned.

In looking over 2011, I discovered more data that confirms a consistent trend in our funding at CitySquare. 

Get this. 

"Poor folks," those who come to us seeking service, assistance and friendship contribute in gifts and/or fees 56% as much as the individuals who contribute dollars as donations only.  I find that fairly amazing. 

Translation:  in 2011 individual donors contributed $1,087,758.59 to support our efforts in the inner city.  During the same period, our neighbors/customers contributed $605,916.18.

Consider this.

During 2011, churches donated $214,740.31 to our efforts.  Again, "poor folks" provided almost three (2.8) times as much from their income. 

Funding remains a challenge.  But working at it exposes me to some amazing folks, rich and poor.  And, the numbers continually instruct.

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