Monday, January 30, 2012

100,000 Homes Campaign

Over the past couple of years, 100 communities across the country have joined a collaborative effort, led by Community Solutions, to find permanent housing for 100,000 of the most medically vulnerable homeless Americans by July of 2013.

Together, these communities, including over 3,000 volunteers, are part of a growing movement known as the "100,000 Homes Campaign,"  and have  helped 11,751 homeless people into permanent homes already available in the communities. 

CitySquare is leading the effort here in Dallas.  Later this year, likely in March, a large team of trained volunteers will fan out across the central business district to meet and to "register" as many of these very poor and typically medically weakened neighbors.  The goal:  to get to know who they are, document the health status of each, and to assist them in securing permanent housing along with the stability that having a place to call home provides.

Our partners in this effort include Downtown Dallas, Inc., Hamilton Properties, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and many other individuals and groups. 

More information will be coming soon. 

Interested in joining the team?  Email me at

Watch an informative video here.

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