Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pictured below are two options for signage on a large, ClearChannel billboard located at the edge of our property where we are constructing the new CitySquare "Opportunity Center."

The billboards have been provided at a great price and point to our new development.

Here's the question: which one do you like the best and why? Your responses will help us make our selection!


Anonymous said...

According to Kiplingers, the top 1% of wage earners in the US earned over $343,927 in 2009.

Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel earns a tab bit more:

Pittman will receive a base salary at a rate no less than $1 million per year, which shall be increased at the discretion of CCMH's Board or its Compensation Committee.

Pittman will also have the opportunity to earn an annual performance bonus for the achievement of “reasonable performance goals” established annually by the CCMH Board or its Compensation Committee after consultation with Pittman. The target bonus for achieving all goals will be not less than $1.65 million.

The Employment Agreement also entitles Pittman to participate in all pension, profit sharing, and other retirement plans, all incentive compensation plans, and all group health, hospitalization and disability or other insurance plans, paid vacation, sick leave and other employee welfare benefit plans available to other top executives at the company.

And yes, there is a company plane. CC Media “will make an aircraft (which, to the extent available, will be a Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900, pictured) available to Mr. Pittman for his business and personal use and will pay all costs associated with the provision of the aircraft. If a company aircraft is not available due to service or maintenance issues, CCMH will charter a private aircraft for Mr. Pittman's business and personal use.”

The company will also make a car and driver available for Pittman's business and personal use in and around the New York area as well as anywhere else on company business.

CC Media will reimburse Pittman for up to $25,000 of legal fees in connection with the negotiation of the Employment Agreement and ancillary documents.

As previously reported by RBR--TVBR Pittman received an option to purchase 830,000 shares of CC Media stock at an exercise price of $36. The stock closed Thursday (10/6) at $6.20.

This information was published here.

Larry, you've sold out to the top 1%! You may think you got a good price, but somewhere, somehow, the man is sticking it to you.

Larry James said...

Anon, understand that we get all we can for our poor neighbors. If you can do better, come on down and take my place!

Roger Cook said...

Definitely the second one. The URL isore centered, the writing has more contrast, and the silhouettes humanize the whole image.

Just remember:

Modern Art: substituting abstract form and complex geometry for beauty since the 1920s.

Jerry said...

I like the second one. Focus is on our logo and it is more attention getting. The image of the family also sends a clear message.

rcorum said...

I like the second one because of the image of a family. I think that is powerful. I will be in town on the 26th and 7th. Would love to see CitySquare.

Debbie said...

I like the second one. The inclusion of the family image seals it for me.

Lorlee said...

I agree -- the second one. Seems better balanced and I like the image of the family.

Anonymous said...

Second. The first looks like two different messages. The second looks coherent and is just more appealing.

Anonymous said...

I'm the only to vote for #1. #2 makes it seem that only families, as pictured, will be given such opportunity - or, at least, will be preferred.

Many of the poor are not part of such an intact looking family. The image is just a tad "excluding."

That's my vote.

Randy Mayeux

Anonymous said...

I also vote for #1. I think it is less cluttered and gets the point across quickly (and that is the only look you will get anyway with a billboard, a quick look).


Anonymous said...

I see your point, Randy. But on number 2, I do think it's ambiguous enough to be an intact family of four or a single parent with 3 kids.

Daniel Gray said...

I prefer number 1. something about the color scheming. My eyes pick up on the important things faster in #1. #2 seems to have more color transitions, which slow down my eyes/brain in reading it.

#1 the first concept that hit was "opportunity center", whereas, #2 CitySquare hit me first.

tlc said...

I like the first one because it is clear and crisp--must be if someone is going to catch it at 65 mph. I like the "human images" on the 2nd but the tall one sure has a long forehead...

rcorum said...

I think Daniel is right about recognition factors. The one that can catch a person's attention driving down the road is the one to pick. Number one is a simpler design and for that fact alone might be reason enough to pick it, but both are good. When I said that I would be in Dallas on the 26th I should have also included that it will be January 26th. Will travel back on the 29th of January.