Monday, December 01, 2008

Beauty close at hand. . .

About this time last year, Brenda and I made a trip to Wells River, Vermont. We spent a week in the carriage house retreat of our dear friends, James and Marla Walters. It was a fabulous, unforgettable time.

We took advantage of the scale of New England and drove everywhere.

This morning I walked out my front door and was assaulted by the beauty of the Red Oak trees that greet me every morning in my front yard.



Message here!

As beautiful and as unique as our trip to New England turned out to be, beauty is everywhere. More important, beauty resides wherever you are and wherever you have the will and the discipline to see it.

These images were captured in inner city East Dallas, not a likely listing on any travel guide for fall foliage! But the beauty is here nonetheless.

It is the same with communities and with people.

We have all the beauty, inspiration and power we need to make things new right where we are today!

This is the essence of community development.

Here is the challenge.

Open my eyes.

Take in the resources and the beauty.

Act accordingly with the physical environment and with all of the people who live and "play" here.

I love the Red Oaks!

I love this neighborhood!

Vermont is amazing.

But, then, so is my front yard.

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Lynn Leaming said...

Nice reminder to look around where we are Larry for those blessings that surround us. I do have to say though the difference is you don't have to wait till December to see them in Vermont :)