Saturday, December 06, 2008

Texas Values

Wick Allison, conservative journalist and Editor in Chief of DMagazine here in Dallas, has an interesting comment on his blog relative to the multi-billion dollar budget surplus that Texas enjoys these days. . .especially in view of the horrid living conditions facing our state's most vulnerable citizens.

Makes you think. What are "Texas values" these days?



Anonymous said...

In response to a couple of bickering readers, Wick wrote:

Have either of you ever considered that your partisanship, which leads you to examine all probems through the lens of why the other party is to blame, doesn’t really contribute much to a conversation over what to do? Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter: most of your comments are just plain irrelevant. Buck up!It’s a new world out there. See if you can actually discuss/critique/propose some fresh ideas.

Good words on this blog, too.

Jeff said...

If you were referring to bickering between me and Steve, you need to know the funny part. He's my brother.