Monday, December 29, 2008

Cleaning off my desk before a couple of days off. . .

Think you'd like to have a copy of "Food For Thought: The 1st Annual Central Dallas Ministries Family Cookbook"?

I've got a free copy of this great collection of recipes to the first person who emails me asking for it at Be sure and provide your complete mailing address and I'll be sure to get it out to you right after the first of the year.


Speaking of recipes. Here's one for the Dallas Cowboys:

Step 1: Sign former PittsburghSteelers coach Bill Cowher to a long-term contract as Head Coach and General Manager.

Step 2: Sit back and prepare for some real fun!


One more New Year's Give-a-way: I also find that I have an extra copy of the new Poverty and Justice Bible on my desk.

Same deal: first email requesting that I send it to you will receive it early in 2009. Don't forget your snail-mail address!

A question prompted by my crazy desk: If you were limited to reading just one magazine, journal or periodical during 2009 (not including daily newspapers), what would it be? Help me here!

Getting ready for a Happy New Year in 2009 and wishing you and yours the very same!



Anonymous said...

If you only have one: the magazine -- skip the hard copy, read, -- and then add Roger Ebert's blog (at his movie review site).


DeJon Redd said...

I'd hate to go without The Economist.

Unknown said...

Cowher's great, but the track record shows that excellent coaches usually can't handle the GM job on top of their existing duties. Bring Cowher in with a top-notch personnel guy like Pioli.

Won't happen, though, because Jones still thinks it was his football acumen that produced Super Bowls, so he'll stay the GM until the botox that's replaced his face comes apart. When he fired an amazing coach and partner in Jimmy Johnson just to save face for his drunken comments, I swore off the Cowboys as long as Jones is GM.

Do you think the people paying tens of thousands in seat licenses paid that to see the Cowboys choke before the playoffs? I like karma sometimes.

Anonymous said...

If only one: The Atlantic. Great general interest magazine with thoughtful articles and real analysis.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for "Wire". It shows us who is doing what today to take us into the future. It shows us what the future could be and where we can all be if we put our hearts, minds and souls to it.

just plain steve