Monday, October 15, 2012

Wyatt and the self-discovery that is a game!

My oldest grandson, Wyatt Toombs finds his greatest contentment in anything related to a ball or sports. Recently, a parent of one of his flag football teammates caught Wyatt in motion on the field. Watching Wyatt provides a real time primer in self-discovery. I love my grandchildren!


rcorum said...

Awesome looking grandson. I know you are very proud of him, as you should be.

Larry James said...

Thanks, RC. I value your friendship and always am glad when you post here. Best, brother.

rcorum said...

Larry, I want you to know that my friendship with you has been a very good experience for me. I think it is so important for people who disagree on even important issues to be able to find common ground. I love it when you show off your wonderful grandchildren. This is a point of real common ground, and I know there are many more points. Thanks for letting me post on your blog.