Friday, November 08, 2013

Two cities, divided

The map below depicts the segregated nature of the Dallas Metroplex.  
The teal/blue areas indicate high-income sections of the community.  The red represent the low-income portions of this urban area.  

While racial segregation does not play as negative a role in community life as it once did, still, it has been replaced by financial or economic segregation.  And, that segregation accompanies a sharply divided community in racial terms as well.  

Dallas is a divided, unequal, troubled community in terms of income distribution.  

I've long said that it is the richest poor town in the US.  In fact, Dallas is among the top 10 most income/resource divided cities in the nation.  This reality affects every aspect of our community life.  

You can read the entire report, including analysis of cities other than Dallas, here.


Elisabeth Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful information.

David Dillman said...

The satellite photos in the report are fascinating and tell a troubling story.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Very informative.