Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Unforgettable Moment

Warning: Crazy Granddad on this page!


You've been warned.

Last Monday evening after dinner with our youngest daughter, Joanna, her husband, Jordan, and, of course, our youngest grandson, Owen; we prepared to depart one of our favorite East Dallas joints for our respective homes.

Owen had a better idea.

He informed his parents that he wanted to go to "Granddad and Granny's house."

It was a tough night for a sleep-over since the next morning Owen and his mom were leaving for the Gulf Coast with dad to follow in a couple of days.

They planned to leave by 6:00 a.m.

I volunteered to get him up and back home in plenty of time, but that really was a ridiculous suggestion. Hey, it's my job. I'm one of the granddads in this outfit!

Owen protested that he knew where he wanted to go. So, our sidewalk discussion continued.

At one point, Jordan produced a nice bag of M & Ms, Owen's favorite candy! He handed it to Owen. As the conversation went on, Jordan informed Owen that if he went home with us, he would need to surrender his candy treasure.

He thought for about a second and then handed the unopened candy back to his dad and held on to my leg.

We were all amazed.

We compromised in the end. Owen came home to play a while before bath and bed. Mom came a little later and picked him up and all was well.

As we were leaving the restaurant with Owen in my arms, he called back over my shoulder to his parents, "I feel better now!" Then, he had to get down and run give them a parting kiss.

What a kid!

Owen, I feel better too, and I will for a long time. I'll never forget what you did.

Granddad loves you, boy!


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