Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Action Alert- Call Your State Representative Today!

From Texas Appleseed and the Anti Poverty Coalition:
Today, the House Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services Committee will be hearing  bills related to payday and auto title lending. HB 410, HB 656, HB 661, and HB 1323 are identical bills that close the loophole in Texas law that permits 500% interest rates (and higher) on payday and car title loans. In Texas, there are more than 3,000 of these high cost lenders operating through the loophole.
Now is the time to let the committee members know that you want them to support the four bills that close the CSO loophole (HB 410, HB 656, HB 661, and HB 1323 ) and that 500% interest rates hurt families and hurt communities. The only true solution to this abuse is to close the loophole, which the state legislature must do. State legislators are hearing lots from the payday and auto title industry and their army of lobbyists, so now they must hear from you.

Let them know TODAY that you think 500% interest is wrong and the state must close the loophole by passing HB 410, HB 656, HB 661, or HB 1323. 

Each phone number begins with (512) 463.  The remaining numbers are listed next to committee member's names: 

Rep Vicki Truitt 0690
Rep. Rafael Anchia 0746
Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson 0135
Rep. Brandon Creighton 0726
Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna 0614
Rep. Ken Legler 0460
Rep. Barbara Nash 0562
Rep. Rob Orr 0538
Rep. Marc Veasery 0716

To find out which State Senator represents you click here.

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