Monday, March 07, 2011

Food for All: Community Hunger Day March 9, 2011

Food for All

At CitySquare, we believe in food for all. Not just food to fill the belly—food to nourish the body, which includes fresh produce and other foods rich in protein, vitamins and fiber. Proper nutrition is essential to good health, and good health is essential to being able to fully-engage in life. It is nearly impossible to hold down a steady job, perform well in school or be a patient, gracious member of a family without good health. The problems we see every day come from harsh realities: Texas has the 2nd highest rate of food insecurity and the highest rate of child hunger in the U.S.  Wwe must do better as a people and as a community!

CitySquare is waging war on hunger and malnutrition, and we invite you to join us in the fight. Below are four primary points of engagement for you:

Advocacy Opporunities around Food For All

Partner with CitySquare in our public policy efforts to make sure every man, woman and child has the food he or she needs to be healthy and strong.

March 9, 2011--Community Hunger Day:  Fast for a day in honor of the men, women and children in our community who do not have adequate food and donate the amount you would have spent to CitySquare or another local food pantry. Here's more information about this event.

March 10, 2011--FREE Screening of the film, “Food Stamped”: THE SCREENING IS SOLD OUT. Find out exactly how tough it is to adequately nourish your family on food stamps. Please visit for more information about the documentary. Registration is now closed for the FREE private screening.

April 7, 2011--Urban Engagement Book Club featuring Generation Extra Large: Rescuing our Children from the Epidemic of Obesity by Lisa Tartamella at the Highland Park United Methodist Church. Register now!

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