Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CitySquare clinic impact

Recently, I received a report on the impact of the work of our Community Health Services team on the health outcomes of our patients.  The analysis compared hospital utilization and costs of CitySquare patients to those of similarly uninsured patients from the Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) service area.

Here’s what we found:

a. CitySquare patients were half as likely to be admitted to BUMC as their non-CitySquare counterparts.

b. When admitted, the average length of stay for our patients was 4.6 days, compared to 5.6 days for the non-CitySquare, uninsured patients.

c. When admitted, the average cost of an inpatient stay for a CitySquare patient was $6,500, compared to $9,100 for non-CitySquare, uninsured patients.

d. Unfortunately, this study revealed that CitySquare patients were just as likely to visit the ED as their non-CDM counterparts. Among other responses, this finding should motivate us to make medical contact information more readily available to our patients for those after hours times when care is needed. 

Clearly, the partnership we enjoy with the Baylor Health Care System and Health Texas Provider Network is paying off for and in our community.

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Lorlee said...

Amazingly in a City this size, sometimes there are no other options. After 5 pm on Sunday, there are no options other than ED. I know -- stepping on a nail -- $1400. With the help of Nurseline, we tried to find any other option. There are none.